– You’re a very good cook – I smile. – This coffee is from out of this world!  – She emphasises the expression opening her arms and waving them around. It’s a childish movement, that doesn’t fit with her look. I cannot avoid looking at her naked breasts. They are small but round, and firm. And hard, as far as I remember.- Why am I not able to get the same result with my food processor?

– Maybe you don’t ask them in the right form. Cooking robots are like people, they have their feelings. Only that they have a different way to express them. If your coffee is too strong, or it tastes like fuel, it means probably you need to change the filters. – I smile her. She looks at me in an odd way. I think she’s not sure I’m joking. – And if your bread is tasteless, it’s because your food processor is depressed. – Her smile is back. I like her, despite of her strange origin. The Village. Now that I have daily light, she seems to be more interested in my apartment. She looks at my home system, and in a casual way, calls a couple of interfaces, that start floating around. The sound is not off, but it’s not possible to understand what they say. She looks at them for 5 seconds, with a critical look. Then she turns them off completely, leaves the table, and heads to the sofa, where her clothes lay distributed around. Without looking back to the table, she starts dressing quickly.

– Sooo…do you live here alone? I thought this area was too expensive for a student.

– I’m not a student. Not anymore.

– And what do you do for living that allows you to pay this place? Do you sell drugs?

– Not anymore. – Laughs – I’m in a …transition period. The flat was bought by my parents. They were the wealthy ones. Like in your case, I think.

– Right. Like in my case. – She is already dressed. – How do I look? – She stands in front of me, with her short skirt straightened and one of my formal shirts over her top. The last buttons, close to the neck, are still open. The result is extremely sexy. I don’t know where she found it. But I’m happy she takes it.

– Gorgeous. But don’t forget to button the last ones if you plan to go to work directly from here. Because you do work, don’t you? – Yesterday night, I forgot completely to ask her about the subject.

– Yeee..I work. At home. So when do you come? – To the Village – Or do you want to come back together with me to ExMundi? – I forgot I’m in the middle of my first case. I’m tempted to say “I’ll call you”, but I know it’s a bad idea. So I say the truth.

–   I have some heavy unfinished business. When I manage to advance a little on that issue, I will contact you. – She puts an ugly face.

– Uhhhrg. Sounds dangerous. So if you don’t contact me in 24 hours, I’ll assume you’re dead, is that what you want to tell me? – I give her my best smile of a bad guy. She kisses me in return. – OK, alright, no hurries. I will give you access to my cyberspace. Anyway, I already gave you access to me… just ping me before you come, so I can clean up a little or something… – Faster that I think, she heads to the door and try to leave. On the last second, she turns her head and look at me, with a bad girl smile. – Remember I know where you live, also. So see you! – And in the blink of an eye, she’s gone.


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