The gun

– I’m tempted to give you something else. But I’m not sure you’re ready for it.

I look at my boss. He keeps the case of the glasses half open. Finally, he grabs something and extends it to me. It’s a little box, the size of my hand. I can see through the lid of the box. Inside a serie of tubes and mysterious pieces of different sizes are laying over a smooth layer of plastic.

– Do you know how to fire a weapon? – I  nod. I think every student needs to shoot a gun at one point. – Good boy. What you have there is the last generation in plastic fluid weapons. – I look inside. The tubes don’t look too solid to me. – It’s pretty easy to work with these things. Even a child can do it. First, you need to assemble it. Once assembled, it will stay in rest position, until you squeeze the handle. After that, the gun will be yours and work only in your hands. No, don’t look for instructions on the web. Like most of the weapons I have access to, it’s a prototype, and there are only three more like this one.  I have one myself. – He says he has access to more weapons? I thought this country was a peaceful one. – Yes, we have weapons. Where there’s crime, there are weapons, usually. It does not mean I like it. It doesn’t mean we have the latest technology neither.  – He takes another sip of his neverending teacup – No, don’t assemble it here. Do it at home. Try there to change between the different shooting modes. Get familiar with it. If something happens to you at home, there will be no collateral damages – he smiles – sorry to be so blunt, but at this moment we can’t risk it to go to a shooting center. If the cameras find out that we have this type of weapons, we’ll be in troubles.

– What troubles? – I dared to ask. – We are the law.

– Yes, we are the law. But we run with a budget. Some people think this place doesn’t need so much police. They don’t see the crimes. They don’t see the violence. We don’t let them watch it. It’s how we decided it to be. – He finally closes his case, and gently pushes away the teacup, arrange his clothes and stand up. I do the same. – But the violence is there. Right outside their comfort areas. Growing stronger, looking for an opportunity to take control. An opportunity to change this society that we love, this society that took us so long to build.  – He’s no more looking at me. In fact, now he appears to be speaking for himself. – That’s why we need weapons.


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