The teahouse

My boss wants to meet me in a teahouse. So I clean up myself as much as I can, and take my best dress. It’s not a matter of respect for the culture. It’s a question of blending. I know his origins, as well as the culture of everybody here. We go to school for that. The problem is, of course if you don’t like some aspects of it. In my case, or I could say, in my family, we followed the western tradition, so I can’t say I can feel comfortable about having a long meeting sitting on a cushion instead of a chair. When I arrive, he’s already there, with a teapot over the table, sipping one of the small cups. I sit in front of him. We say nothing for a while. I look around. My legs are becoming numb.

– Do you know what’s this? – oddly enough, he withdraws a case from below the table. The case looks out of place, like a crocodile in a dance hall. It was matching at all with his traditional and delicated clothes. He leaves the case over the tea table, open it slowly, with the lid hiding its content from me, and hands me a couple of glasses.

– I’m not sure. – I say. Although I had a lot of hypothesis,  with him it’s always the best to be sincere.- Data glasses?

– Yes they are. But a special type. – He plays with them in his old hands, as with a piece of origami. – You know we have several ways to connect to the network. The one most of the people use is the so called “common channel”. This is the one you use to access to your data, upload and check videos, and so on. You are, by default, recorded each time you access to the common channel. – I know that. – Then you have the private channel. The private channel will let you access to the contents, but you will not be recorded. This is the one used by the drug dealers and similar people. – He sip his tea. I sip mine. – And then you have this. – He hands me the glasses. – These glasses are, so to say, a part of the camera system that surround us. So basically, you carry two cameras when you place them over your eyes. – Another sip of tea here. – The difference is, they are not cameras. They are voice-operated terminals to the Core System. – The core system is the one that supports us all: even a child knows that. Nobody knows where is it, since it will not be wise to disclose its position. What the history does not say is how and why its location was hidden.  – Take them. – He hands them to me – You know, we don’t make more of these anymore, since the dark days are over.  – I ignore his last comment.

– What can I do with them?

– Whatever you want. – It’s his odd answer – It’s able to speak to you, if you ask them. It will show you the way, it we know it. It may open you some locked doors. It can be used as a lie detector – he sips again his tea – and the best of it, since you will be operating directly over the Core System,  no traces will be generated. So, for all effects, you will be invisible.


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