After talk

– So tell me, my prince, – I had the lights in my room dim, but changing, creating a marine environment, that I consider relaxing. – how did you end up at the ExMundi?

– I was there before, when I was studying – technically, I was not lying – so I thought it was about time to head back there. You know, to refresh good memories – I’m not able to see her face clearly with the changing light. But my guess is that she is smiling.

– Did it work?

– Yes it did. – I jump again over her. She laughs. This time, I’m not going to commit the same mistakes. I grab her hips. Then she stops me.

– Will you visit my place? – Now I see her eyes. As before, she doesn’t look drunken at all. Her face is the one of a girl that knows what she wants, where, and when. It shines with confidence.

– Where do you live?

– At The Village – I look at her, puzzled. The Village is the residential cavern where most of the super-rich, super-old members of our society end up. Was she one of them? It could be that this girl, in front of me, is in reality more than a century old. The technology is there. One just need the money to pay it. Tons of money. She seems to realize my odd expression, and take with kindness my face between her palms. For a moment, I’m scared of having my skull crushed by her. – Don’t think I’m one of them. You know? Even rich people die, for a lot of reasons, and their daughters can inherit the place. It’s not against the law, isn’t? – Of course it is not, I’m an example. But I don’t say so. – Why do you think I’m going to ExMundi? That bar is my second house. It’s fucking boring at the Village, with all those dinosaurs. That’s why I want you to visit me. – She caresses me again, like promising a new heaven. Her fingers go down my chest, down my hips, flying over my skin. She starts to kiss my neck, while gently massaging me between my legs. But I don’t react. Suddenly, she retreats. – Again, don’t think about it.


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