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Install EM Hole Finder on CentOS 7

I spoke about the leginon/appion pair. You have leginon for automatic EM data acquisition, and appion for processing. They are super-big complicated software packages, designed to work under CentOS.6. Unfortunately, we are very modern, and we use CentOS.7, so, it’s … Continue reading

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After party

I remember that now because it can be important. – So you decided to contact me, after all. – That was his first phrase when we met the next day. It sounded mysterious, and sincere. My new Pioneer friend had, … Continue reading

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Windows XP CSC bloating

I have an XP computer connected to a device. The XP computer allows AD login. It has a reasonable hard disk size for an XP computer, 320 GB, but each 3 months people get annoyed because the hard disks appear … Continue reading

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– What are you going to do with her? She’s not dead, right? – Also not alive, my dear colleague. – I’m pretty sure my sensei is being ironic there.- If we refer to the books, “any entity able to … Continue reading

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Class of ’98

We were 20 in my class. You may think it’s a lot of people, but it was not. It turned out that out of these 20, at the end, only one, me, managed to join the Corps. I could say, … Continue reading

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Bad news

– Thank you for coming so fast. – My boss requested my presence, and in the current situation I had no excuse but to come. – We have here another body. I didn’t want to tell you through the network, … Continue reading

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This is not going well. I don’t do it to reach a million readers, but I need a few to continue writing in a daily basis. That was why my other blogs died. Alright, I’m not being fair, livejournal died, … Continue reading

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