I look around me. Where am I? How did I arrive here? It looks like a kind of gooey tunnel. The only light is very dim, and it comes from everywhere, like a faint fungal fluorescence. I look at me, and I’m not dressed with my style. What’s this? A simulation? I try to break it by calling the reality with the typical words and gestures, but I’m still here. Nothing changed. Then I remember. The chase. Probably it did this. I swallowed a neuronal virus, and it’s overwriting my sensory input. I’m so stupid. Alright, at least I’m aware of it. At least I’m not drunken here, wherever it is. At least there must be an exit to this game. Therefore I crawl, in a random direction.

I see a bright light, in front of me. Since I can’t believe I need to stay here if the game is called the chase, I move on. Maybe the light is my exit. I’m now very sorry I didn’t ask about the chase before eating it. But what can I say? I’m a particular person, and I know nothing about what needs to be done…

I arrive to a plane. When I look back the entry hole I went out from is in the joint of two hills. It remembers me something, like, sexual. So what now? How do I go out? How do I proceed? I shout my name. No answer, no echoes. I run, trying to make as much distance as possible between me and the hole I left. Suddenly I feel it. Somebody is after me. I feel the goosebumps, I feel it in my spine. Panic. Terror. Coming. Soon. I run. There it is! My salvation is in the shape of a motorbike, laying on the floor. I dedicate a minute to study it. It looks safe enough to be the motorbike of my dreams, and maybe it is. And it looks real enough to be ridden.

I sit and start the engine, and for a while I’m happy. The hole is far away from me now, like 20 virtual kilometers away. A sort of wind blows on my face, not the canned air we get at the customer’s site, nor an artificial one. It feels ancient, like a lost memory. Then I feel it again. There it is, over me, like a falcon. A black shadow, blurry, in camouflage with the sky. I get more speed. The sensation grows. It follows me. It’s over me! Nervous, I jump from the bike, and I see it crashing over a wall.

I feel it again. It didn’t work, my manoeuvre to dodge it. So I continue running, perpendicularly to the trajectory I was having before. Gosh, I would prefer to be drunken than to go through this test before having casual sex! My heart pump, I know it’s an irrational fear, but the other … player… is coming close. I see nothing, and I see a dance of shadows, like phantoms in black, like rags hanging over spiderwebs. I’m soo scared! How long have I been escaping from that shadow? Days? Months? The shadow, blurry and fluctuating like coming from another universe, or another reality,  comes closer. I run, like running for my life, back to the hole I came from, but she gets me in the middle of nowhere. I think I’m going to die of fear when she touches me.

But I don’t. When she touches me, the scenery disappears and I go back to my apartment. She’s in front of me, legs opened. grabbing my hands.

– Good – She says – you’re good also on a chase. I almost lost you! – She smiles – So what do you want to do me now? Or shall I ask?



About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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