My place

– So here’s where you live! – She waved her arms around my living room. We drunk on the way back, and then I remembered I wanted to clean and I didn’t do it. But I thought that that was making the place more natural or more alive. Now I’m not so sure. After a last spin, she jumps into the sofa. – Cozy, and comfortable. – She looks into my eyes – Luxurious but not expensive. And well decorated. Do you have something else to drink around, or shall we go into business directly? – She throws her shoes in the air. I follow their trajectories, wondering if they will end up hitting the ceiling and damaging my illumination system. But they fall without collisions.

– Let me put some music. Let’s talk a little. – She smiles again. Her smile looks genuinely happy. I put The Stokes with a gesture. Not loud, more like white music. Fortunately, they were on the top of my playlist. – What do you do for living?

– Does it matter? – She loses her smile. – Where are those drinks you told me about? – I didn’t tell her about. Of course, I have. I get a couple of glasses, and I fill them with my bourbon, while I wonder if she’s as drunk as she looks like.  And why am I not as drunk as her?

– Not really. – It’s my turn to smile. – I can find out what you do if I want, by myself. – She retracts, with a scared face. Bad move. Then, with a gulp, my bourbon is gone, and she smiles again. – Everybody is online, right? Besides, it’s just an opening line. A bad one. – I move closer to her, and sit on the floor. She looks to my walls, like ignoring my moves. I was not expecting to need an approach, since she proposed it, but that was making the encounter more funny.

– And what do you do, my prince?

– You know, this and that. – I shrug my shoulders the best way I can, and use the opportunity to begin exploring her legs. – I do what I can do. I’m lucky to be born having this already – it’s my turn to wave my arms- and my parents were both wealthy, so I got some savings. – All of that was true. My hand, in the meantime, manages to go under her skirt. It looks like she’s the sex she appears to be. She kindly reacts when I reach it.

– Wait a moment. – She looks into my eyes, smile gone. Suddenly she doesn’t look drunken anymore. – I’d like to have a little bit of more fuel. Will you take it with me?

– Take what?

– A piece of chase, of course. What do you think? – What the hell is that? She searches for something on her bra, and when she finds it, she shows it to me, triumphant. – Here I had it! I was afraid I lost it! – She opens the little flat capsule she just retrieved, not without difficulty. The chase looks like a couple of black disks. She gives me one.  Now I have two choices: I ask or I do the same she does. Since I’m not anymore sharp, I take the easy one.

– Do you want to be chased or to chase me? – I look at her. My hand is still inside her skirt. – Let’s make it fun. I’ll chase you. – She swallow one disk. I do the same. Then the reality blacks out.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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