Coming back

We walk together hand by hand, like ancient lovers. I leave her to ride me to the next tube station. I barely remember the geometry of the Low Lands, since each time I was coming here I was driven by somebody or something else. Suddenly, I get the same feeling. Maybe I got a drink more than needed. No, I didn’t, I still feel my balls.

– You look confused. – She tells me – Are you having second thoughts? – I smile the best way I can – Nice! You know, I think I really like your attitude. – Suddenly I get goosebumps, while I try to remember my school files about men harassment. Anyway, you don’t need to reach the level of harassment, a lot of lonely girls can manipulate men, as men can manipulate women. My police glasses are laying stupidly in my front pocket, otherwise I ask for stats. But I’ll not be so lucky to find that kind of girl. She releases me and run away to some lights in the distance, like 100 meters away. I follow her. She stands in front of a vending machine, close to the the doors of a tube stop. The lights of the stop are flickering, its name dirty. L35? L25? I can’t read it, but I don’t care. Nobody is around. She takes a few cans out of the slot, and put them in her pockets. – Do you want to go to your place or to my place?

– Let’s go to my place – I say. It’s less risky, and after all I know my land.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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