Not in the mood

– I’m not sure…I thought you wanted company. – Her smile is insecure, but bright enough, anyway. – I’ve been here for a while. I don’t want to continue wandering.- That was unexpected. So my cover doesn’t want to work as a cover.- You don’t like sex with girls?  – she asks me, suddenly.

– Of course I do – I answer quickly. But I don’t get closer. I have a mission, and she is a part of my plan. – It’s simply that I just arrived, and I heard about that place…- suddenly, she is not anymore smiling. Her lips are of an intense dark red. Like dry blood.

– But you like me, don’t you? – There is only one valid answer to that question. I nod.- OK, then, why should we wander around? Let’s try it! – She jumps over my neck, and try to kiss me. I back off.

– Wait wait wait wait. Are you sober?

– Who cares about those things nowadays ? – I care, specially being a detective, OK, sorry, detective assistant, and knowing that up to now we have only female corpses. – Will you come with me to a more comfortable place?  – She does a sexy move with her shoulders, showing me more of her breasts. I start to hesitate. – It’s so hard, nowadays, to get somebody you can speak with, as I do with you, in a real space… – I finish my drink. She’s really pretty. She really is. And classy. – If you prefer some neutral zone, we can find one around, also…

– Do you like the Stokes? – I ask. She nods.- It’s my favourite band. Maybe we can hear some of their songs at my place or at your place. – She smiles. She has a superb smile. Again she jumps and kiss me. This time, I let it happen, and we join our lips for a few minutes. – Then, it’s agreed. – I say – Let’s go. I’ll get some drinks on the way back, in case we get thirsty. – Her smile shines again. Fuck the Golden Rabbit. It can wait a day more.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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