Chemistry lessons

– Yes, it’s plastic. – We already left the room where the body was being kept – All of it. But it’s not a copy: the DNA is there. The question one needs to ask himself is: who would make a copy 1 to 1, to the level of the DNA, of a subject? And why?

– A pleasure bot maker – was my automatic answer. Every teeneager wants one pleasure bot, at one point. Of course, nobody gets one. Once I saw one, I think it was on a party. It was so real, that I thought it was a girl, until my friend told me.

– Don’t be silly. Even if we have the technology, why would you like a pleasure bot to have a DNA? – he had a point – No, the cause must be another – we left also the building. For a teenager, the DNA is something you have, like your footprints, but not something you care about. If you want to find somebody, you just need to get the right authorisation and ask the system.

– How about fingerprints? and other DNA? – I shot in the dark.

– No. Nothing. Zero. Niks. – The plastic seems to have washed out any other DNA apart from the one of the victim. This, supposing that corpse was a victim, and not an elaborated pleasure bot copy of her. – He showed me his crooked smile – Otherwise we could simply ask the system about who was with her around the moment of death. That, by the way, is also not clear, since the plastic doesn’t show signs of decay – this time he smiled to me with the friendly smile – but that you can, of course figure out yourself. I just wanted to show it to you, so you know what it really looks like – he made an ominous break – in case we find more corpses like this one.


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