On the dancefloor

I need a cover. So I do like in the old times, I look for a girl. ExMundi was no more the mecca that was when I was a student, but I can identify a couple of potential partners after a quick glance to the dance hall. There she is. Dark hair, no earphones, no glasses. No piercings, neither tatoos. Maybe of my generation. I finish my second beer and decide to approach her. I take my position, close to her, and start to dance, following the sound waves.  The dance floor is still half empty, but it’s full enough to hide my move.

– How long have you been here? – I think a strong approach is always helpful. – She realizes me, but don’t say anything. – Do you want to talk a little, instead of dancing? – She nods, and take my wrist. With a gesture, she gets two drinks from our waiter. Still no word.  Is this good or bad? Maybe the music is so loud. It is, I think. She heads out. I follow her. Anyway, it matches my plans.

– Three hours – she says after we’re out. Her voice is sweet and strong, but also sad, like the ones from the old vids. I look at my drink, the black liquid she got for me. She drinks the same. I take a sip. Some kind of whiskey. She doesn’t look drunken, if she was 3 hours here, it was only dancing. – You know, this place was cool some time ago. Now you can find only youngsters, jockeys and pioneers… and you’re none of them, are you?

I smile. Outside, she looks really beautiful under the diffuse light of the local cupola. One can imagine the cracks and multiple holes on it are stars, galaxies, strange moons. I look on the direction the waiter told me we can go to reach the Golden Rabbit.

– No, I’m not one of them. I was a usual suspect here like 5 or 6 cycles ago. And you’re right, this place was cool then. Where do you think people like us go now? – I try not to look like looking for casual sex. She’s of course a nice one, but this is not the moment. She seems to understand my feelings.

– I don’t know… this is my first night out since I left my partner, two days ago. And I was not really going out when I was with my partner. – She doesn’t look at me, so  I can’t tell f this is a lie or the truth. She then, looks straight to my eyes. I nod – Do you have a partner? – A direct question deserves a direct answer.

– No, I don’t. But I don’t look for one at this moment. – That was a real statement, but in most of the cases, it is interpreted like right the opposite of that. Our society can be cold and isolated, but everybody looks for a human touch at one point of his life. Still looking at her eyes, I clarify. – You may think I’m not sincere, but let’s say it’s not that moment of my  life. – I turn up my head to look back to the above cupola. I still see her face from the corner of my eye, and she looks disappointed. – But I could really use a partner in crime at this moment. – It is funny to hear that coming from my mouth. A partner in crime, what a bad joke. – Do you want to come with me to a new place I just heard about?


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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