Not so easy

The pioneer looked at me, like evaluating my future. It was hard to believe that we were the same specie. The dark eyes started to shine with a yellow afterglow. It could be an effect of the light, I said to myself. I will never know, since people like me usually don’t mix with people like him. When I was a student, I was indeed fascinated by these guys. When I was a student, I was even not interested on becoming an investigator. I just wanted to be a part of it, a part of the life, a part of the economy, a part of the society. Investigator was an interesting professional niche. I think I chose it after a marathon of old police vids. And here I am, now. Living it.

– I don’t recommend you to go there, my friend. – His voice was deep, like coming out from the bottom of a pit. And he did have some kind of funny accent. Probably russian, or something equally old. – Things can get weird if you appear there uninvited. – He turned his back to me. The message of the back of his black t-shirt was reading ” I was born on Earth, respect me!”, surrounding a cartoonish planet, with legs and hands. I was grateful the music was not as loud as to make impossible to hear the man. – Things can get really weird. – I waited, and finished my beer with a gulp. While I was staring at the bottom of my glass, the pioneer replaced it under my nose by a new one, full – You’re lucky, the second is for free today. Why do you want to go there?

– Curiosity? – He smiled. His teeth were extraordinarily white. It was ironic, of course. I smiled back. Mine was not ironic. – I can tell you the whole story – I made a dramatic pause, to sip my beer –  but I’m sure you have better things to do, so let’s cut to the chase. I’m looking for a person, a girl, that is supposed to be a frequent visitor of that place.

– If she’s a frequent visitor, she should invite you. You can’t go alone to the Golden Rabbit – again he smiled, this time not with irony – if you don’t want to end up losing it all. Even your identity will be recycled. The moment you manage to come back to wherever you live, you will find one of them living in your place, eating your sausages and drinking your beer…

– Thank you for your concerns, but I know how to protect my identity. – I showed him in a glance my Corps ID. He looked unimpressed, and replied me back with a third kind of smile –  So can you explain me how can I go there, please?



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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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