The investigation

– Did you check the cyberspace of the ambassador’s attaché? – I didn’t – Of course you did. You’re a good curious guy. – I ignore the irony and  continue following him. At this moment, we were heading to the closest tube, after leaving the second body. – But that was not the interesting part. The surprise was inside. – I freeze. Inside what? – Let’s have a look together, shall we?

He didn’t say anything else. We take the tube in silence, direction The Docks. There it lays the GPB and our headquarters. It’s a 30 minutes ride by tube, so I have time. I’m tempted to check the attaché’s cyberspace, but I’m concerned about my sensei finding out, therefore I look for other entertainment. I look through the windowtvs. The landscape shows a digital esplanade. Close to the horizon, you can distinguish some buildings. I move my attention to the headers rolling on the top. No surprises there also, no mention of any dead body or something. There is something about the failure of the negotiations between the Pioneers and us. Which negotiations? I ask my cyberspace to make me a report about it, that I will check later.

I dooze a little while looking at the landscape. I’m so tired and this has just started.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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