Body two

– Ohayo – I didn’t have time to finish my breakfast when my sensei appeared at the door of my apartment. – I was passing by and decided to pick you up. – He looked around, with critical eyes. – Do you really live here? – As I said, I need to clean. – Are you ready? – I quickly had a last bite of my toast, that I left over the table. I’m fully conscious of the state of the living room while I attach the Corps ID to my sleeveless jacket. – The place we go is really close to here. She was almost your neighbour, so technically, you could be a suspect, also. – He showed me his artificial white teeth in a crooked smile. My relation with him, strictly professional, could not be classified as friendly, but neither of us, of course, was hostile to the other. For me, he could be a Negacionist, that if he is a professional, I’m fine with it.

– A suspect of what? – I asked, while we were heading out.

– Of murder, of course. Or something like that – I wonder why he was saying that.

In 5 minutes we were on my square. My neighborhood, far from ostentatious, was also not on the average. I got my flat from my parents, that were both respected businessmen. The upper square was more than 100 meters above us, and the light filtered through our skylight during the day was bright enough to make me daydream about the sun. A good spot, I could call it. We surrounded the entrance of the transport tube under us, and the palm trees over it. The little man was walking fast, like if arriving late to an appointment. He turned right, on the direction of my sport center, but he appeared to hesitate a little. Then he turned left. I boasted.

– Do you find the death boring, my friend? – He didn’t let me answer – You will not find this one boring at all. – He accelerated. Maybe he was angry, I was not able to see his face. I accelerated also.  We crossed the right tunnel, and arrived to the next square. Still, we didn’t stop, and crossed to the next. And the next. I know this area as the palm of my hand. I’m a little old fashioned, and when I have time, I like to run around my whole circle, instead of going to the sport center. It’s 20 kilometers, so nothing you can do in 5 minutes.

The square we stopped was around 3 kilometers far from mine. Last time I was there was like a month ago. I may still have the video of it. Anyway, it will not be so difficult to prove I was not here recently, this place is full with cameras. We enter one of the flats. As in the onsen, no mark is on the spot. I suspect my colleague was here before me, and he’s bringing me only to enjoy my reaction to it. Because it deserves, indeed, a reaction.

In the center of the living room of that flat, so similar to mine, lies the body of a woman. Or it looks like a woman, from the shape of it. Because the body, if I can call it like that, is just a mountain of greeny, gelationous mold, with some bones protruding from it, spread around the sofa and the area close to it.


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