Name two

At this speed, I will end up with the list my sensei left me before dinner. I conjure the cyberspace of the second name, and find a surprise. It was empty. Nothing. No videos, no agenda, null. An ancient green plane, with blue sky, until the end of the the world. How was that even possible? Each citizen gets a cyberspace when is born, and the cameras are everywhere, well, almost everywhere. For example, not at the onsen where the body was found. But that’s another discussion, exclusion areas are needed. Otherwise, you get the videos where you are tagged. Anyway, this empty cyberspace must be deliberated, it must have been formatted like this on purpose.

I check my files, looking for Class users. There were quite some. One could deduct that, you don’t need a Corp degree to know it. I go through the description of Class One. They are indexed as the main users. The Pioneers, with their special senses and privileged memories, are not fond of augmented or virtual realities. 90% of them lack of any cloud space, their names, finances, and whereabouts are handled by the Pioneer Lodge. Class two are the criminals. Of course, they may have empty ones, also. But since no activity is also suspicious, most of them have their cyberspaces “moved” by third parties. Now I remember something from the academy, something about declaring the “movers” illegals. That was long time ago already. If I didn’t hear about it, it means they are still not considered criminals. The Mover class was overlapping this user class, also. Was it a mover’s work? Was her a mover? I scratch the space with my Corps ID, looking for the entry logs. The code was bleeding over the white space. I wonder how long it will take it to self-repair. Found it! There it was, neatly folded, a crontab job cleaning, each cycle, the whole environment. So she was one of the members of the smallest class indexed as empty cyberspace users, the Negationists. Negationist are not dangerous, simply, they don’t like to remember it. It is not forbidden to delete your own memories. Like it is not forbidden to have a stupid password to your cyberspace. What the hell, I’m a little Negacionist myself.

I look how the hole I created onto the green esplanade is self-healing slowly, and I call it a day. Back to the reality, I get a beer and sit in my own real space. I need to clean, also.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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