Name one

The technique is important. Of course the simulations at the school are not any close to the reality, but they give you the picture. I decided to use the Wolf. I will chase one “victim” until I’m completely sure it’s not the one. The Wolf can be time consuming in cases with a long list, but in my case, with only 5 subjects, I had a 20% of probabilities of hitting the target on my first chase. This, of course, supposing one of the names of my list was, if even, a little related with my murder.

Standing in my room, first I called my desktop, then the Corps ID, then the Wolf. And I chose the first name on my list, just to be systematic.

Her cyberspace was quite messy. Or not? Each one cyberspace is like your mind: some people are able to remember a conversation word by word without any recording, or they are able to solve complicated puzzles without knowing how. Or, like the Pioneers, they are able to sense the future. Or so they say. Here, to the left, there was a pile of video memories, mixed with some apps. I recognized the fitness app, and the agenda. Nothing strange. The desktop was also standard: a forgotten Earth City, skyscrapers and all. Shadows of people were passing by, at a certain distance of her bubble. I performed a quick automatic search, and copied her agenda. I browse her videos, 8x speed. Mmmm. One of sex, I think at the onsen. From months ago. Her birthday. I took snapshots of the partners faces, just in case. But appart from that, nothing remarkable.

I left her cyberspace and scratched her name. Next one, please…


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