Rooting my HTC one

There are hundreds of pages explaining how to root a phone. So this is, to start with, just a tear in the sand. But I want to leave a record of my story. Isn’t that the spirit of a blog?

I wanted to recycle my “old” HTC One phone as a Skype Phone and a kind of “toy” for my children. Yes, I know, what a expensive toy, but let’s not discuss about this. So I starting by deleting all my stuff. Then I log in with my big son’s email account. But it seems like, when I try to install something, it is still “remembering” the contacts I had, for example. Therefore I decided to do a factory reset. As you know, this is an easy solution in most of the cases: just press the power button + volume down, and you will reach the right menu. Then… oh surprise! the “welcome” screen  doesn’t let me go beyond the message “Unfortunately System UI has stopped working”.  I can press “report”, but of course, since I don’t have the phone connected to anything, it doesn’t go beyond that. The message keeps popping up, annoying me to the point I can’t go beyond joining my WiFi network. After a few trials, I decide to stop upgrading to KitKat or whatever and I go for trying to root the phone, just in case all my problems are due to my phone locked by my operator.

From now on, all the references will be to the HTC One Wonder How-TO guide about. Of course, I already enabled all the developer options indicated on the first steps, and I have a developer account. What do you think I am, a lamer? (yes).  But from there one, my situation diverges. I already removed the HTC sync. I didn’t like it, and I found a much easier, much faster, application that was doing a similar job. So I reinstall it, and when I try as suggested fastboot oem get_identifier_token from my console, on my mac, I get no output, no error message. Being a mac OS (that I don’t really estimate for its cleanliness when removing apps) I was expecting it to remember that, at one point, I was having an HTC one connected with HTC sync. So why it doesn’t work? The answer is obvious: it is not on the home folder :-D. I found it on:

/Applications/HTC\ Sync\

Let’s skip making an alias, and from now on, each time I need fastboot, I will just write fastboot, instead of the whole thing. I do as suggested in the guide:

./fastboot oem get_identifier_token
(bootloader) < Please cut following message >
(bootloader) <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>
...some alphanumeric stuff here
(bootloader) <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>
OKAY [  0.007s]
finished. total time: 0.007s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.346s

and get my token. Then I go to HTCdev, copy and paste, and I get my first error. Token not recognized. Why is that? Logic dictates:  I need to remove all the “(bootloader)” from the message. I do so, and I get my Unlock_code.bin, as needed. Then I type:

## fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
htc_fastboot v3.0.9.2 (2015-05-29)
sending 'unlocktoken' (0 KB)...
OKAY [  0.141s]
writing 'unlocktoken'...
(bootloader) unlock token check successfully
OKAY [  0.004s]
finished. total time: 0.146s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.754s

… and doing as indicated, I manage to reach the “new” bootloader! Next step: install a custom RAM.


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