ABRT, the automatic bug report tool

One day I log in as root into one of my new CentOS 7 machines and, together with the login information (authenticity message or similar) it tells me

ABRT has detected 1 problem(s). 
For more info run: abrt-cli list --since 1475056165

Usually I ignore these messages, and wait to see what happens. So I do my stuff and log out. Everything looks fine. Then I log in back, and the message reappears. What’s ABRT? How can I delete these messages? I’m not the only root in town, and I want to avoid being blamed for being irresponsible.  It’s not, of course, that I want to delete the problems I’m causing. Or I think it’s not that.

I found the answer to my question on the Red Hat Customer Portal. It tells me what it is, and how to handle it. I choose the easy solution: to call from my command prompt the gnome-abrt. The nice GUI tells me that the error I have was related with a python installation that I copied from another machine. So I delete it 🙂 . End of my worries. For the record, the ABRT GUI looks like this:


Have a nice day!


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