The place behind the door was definitely less glamorous than what I remembered. It had a charm, starting with the name, but now that charm was looking cheap and wasted for me. I stopped coming here when I crossed the bridge, that is, after I started the second half of my criminology studies. That was half an age ago! Maybe it was the drugs. As a researcher, I wanted to try myself everything. I remember a specific sticker, but not the name of it. Was it Superman? or  Smiley? The point is, I liked that one because under its effects everything was becoming shiny and shifted, as in an old 3D movie. And a lot of memories of my first years at the Academy were looking like that now, like an old movie.

This time, it will be a beer. I crossed the half-empty dance hall, where people were moving in an apparent random way, some of them with glasses, some of them following the soft and surrounding techno music. Some holograms were also on display. They danced. On the average, the clients looked like of my age, more or less. No oldies.

The barman was a pioneer. I looked at his grey skin, and his dark eyes. He looked at me (I think) and told me something I didn’t fully hear. I asked for a beer. He obviously understood, because he turned his head, immediately, and started to do something.  You don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak with a pioneer, and I was wondering if I should start a small talk with him. He put the beer in front of me. I put my fingers over the counter and paid. He looked at my hand and started to turn.

– Hey man. – I said. He faced me again, but didn’t say anything. Suddenly I realized I had no idea if he was able to understand my language. So I went to the point. – Do you know how to reach the Golden Rabbit?


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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