The door

I was amazed by the view. How could it be that I was alone looking at the sea of lights under my feet? The view was much more impressive than the echelon. The buildings, as mushrooms, were growing attached to the pillars, some of them connected through hanging paths, hundreds of meters long. Deep down there, a disk far away was shining. Probably the Pioneers square. I looked for more landmarks. The green dome to the right of the Pioneers square needs to be the farm of the Low Lands. And the blue one? Probably the aquarium.

I was tempted to ask my glasses over the current population of this chamber. But I changed my mind. I don’t think we are the ones who should care about those numbers. Besides, thinking about so many people in such a close space was producing me claustrophobia. So I headed downstairs.

Fifteen minutes later I was on the ground. The blue arrows were still pointing ahead of me. Around me, the view was not anymore so impressive. The street I was following was more a service path than a promenade. The buildings were oddly illuminated, as partially occupied only. I walked when another half klik. An odd odour reached my nose, as if the air I was currently breathing was recycled twice. Maybe it was. There was no wind in the area.

I reached the end of the nameless street, turned to my left, following the blue arrows, and I found the door.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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