How NOT to install CentOS7 desktop

On  the line of my previous “how to” posts, I want to speak about my transition to CentOS7. I tried several times until reaching the “stable” distribution, one that can come to the kernel we have on our cluster and can be rebooted, etc, remotely, without any hassle. So I have an USB3 pendrive with CentOS7 (core), and I boot with that. You are offered several software selections. Let’s explore them together.

installation-summary-1You can, in principle, think that Software Selection: minimal install is not the right one. It can work as an action movie title, but not as a desktop solution. So I choose the “Development and creative Workstation“. And I mark all the packages and tools.

Of course I do as suggested (username, password, etc) and reboot. After that, I “yum update” all.

As a result, I get the blinking cursor, no graphics, no ping, nothing.

So I reinstall all again. This time, as a software selection, I choose KDE plasma, with all the packages except “backup client”. Also I do as suggested and reboot, and I yum update all.

As a result, I get a desktop, but when I log in and log out, the system hangs on postfix. Of course, I’m unhappy. I want to update, and reboot cleanly. So something is not right.

So I reinstall it again, and keep Minimal Install as a software selection. You may want to configure the network if you go to the command prompt. Tecmint has a nice how-to, but you just need to call nmtui. At one point, you will be asked also to approve the EULA.  This will vary depending of your installation method (graphic or text). To get the graphics at the end, I do as suggested on IT’s geek howto. That is:

# yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop"
# systemctl set-default
# yum -y groups install "KDE Plasma Workspaces"

Or if you don’t like GNOME, stack exchange explains you how to instal other desktop environments. After this, I get a moment of happiness. Then I yum update, and … it’s gone. A logout blocks the postfix and the tuned service. This time, I don’t give up, and I disable the services that are not cleanly stopping after a logout. That is

systemctl stop postfix.service
systemctl disable postfix.service
systemctl stop tuned.service
systemctl disable tuned.service

I update the last time, reboot, and … all is fine. Even kerberos identification, so AD users can log in. After “only” one day wasted. This is what is happening when you think you know more than the internet 😀


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