A little bit

She closed the door of her apartment. How did she wanted to try it? Looking around, she decided the best place was her favourite spot, actually the only empty space of her small cubicle: between the tvwindow and the sofa. 

The package was looking so innocuous…so that little bit was costing her a month’s salary? She left the little vial over the sofa, check once more that the door was locked, and undressed. In her inner clothes, she grabbed it. How will she take it? While thinking, she opened with a wave of her arm her holoconsole. Surrounded by the noise of the ghostly floating screens showing the news, her “friends feeds”, and the entertainment channel, ignoring all of them, she decided she will swallow it.

They were saying something on the news. A dead body was found on an onsen. Gross. Once more, she looked at the small thing. The blue liquid inside was rotating frantically, as alive. Will she do it, or not? Despite of the price, it was never too late to throw it through the sink. But then what? Back to her daily routine of paperwork and food quality complains. No way. She put it once more close to her eyes. The liquid inside was ideed moving on its own. She went for a beer. It will go down better with beer. She adopted the lotus position, with her legs crossed, put the capsule on her mouth and took a gulp of beer.


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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