The Talk

– We found a dead body – I say.

She doesn’t look surprised. Now she knots her brown hair in a tidy bundle over her head. She keeps looking at me like waiting me to do something. I continue.

– In a close by island.- I hesitate. I didn’t do my homework, so I don’t know how common is this type of finding. I guess not so common, or my old colleague had told me. – Have you seen or heard something uncommon in the last days? – No reaction.

– Appart from you? – she says, looking at me again in that way that makes me feel naked. – Was it a violent death? – I answer without questioning myself if I should

– No. Why you ask? Did you hear anything? – She smiles. Her smile is as perfect as her body – I hear all kind of things here, my dear. It’s a mixed onsen. People do what they want, where they want, no questions asked. -No cameras also, unfortunately. – When did she died? – I didn’t say it was a “she”.

– Why do you assume it was a woman? – again she smiles.

– Why are you in these islands then? Or are you looking for a special favor? – This time she smiles in a different way. I look away. – She continues.- Did you know this place is bathed by real sunlight? Do not misunderstand me, not direct sunlight, but the real one, coming from our sun, brought here by a system of mirrors. Or this is what they say: when the clouds clear up there, I can only see shiny windows at the top. Not that I want to see our sun, but the light do look different –

I look around. There should be a path to the other islands. When I look back, she is searching for something in the bushes, again showing me her butt. She turns back carrying a handbag, that she opens to extract a small card, that she extends to me. I take it. Over it, a group of kanjis and an address.

– You will find me here. Now I need to leave.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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