Pane is dead

Today is one of these days that we need to reinstall everything. Like “how about changing from SL7 to CentOS7? I heard it’s going to be the new SL”. So I happily download the ISO (you can get it here if you are too lazy to google it) and go ahead with it. The weapon of choice is virtual image mounted. Yes, we are so cool that our servers are having ILO access. I could PXE boot the server, but the experience is telling me that PXE only works if we have the cobbler server in the same subnet (more explanations about this maybe another day).

First stone I find is the remote console itself: of course the Java applet is not running so easily everywhere. The reason is probably an old ILO system. I try with IE 9.0 on my W.7 desktop. No luck. My firefox 45.1.0 on a SL7 machine seems to open the remote console, but it does not give a good video speed. I’m lazy and I keep trying with different machines. Which one is missing? Yeees, my “old” MacBook Pro. I open Firefox 34.0 on OSX El Capitan, and after changing the Java security settings to add my ILO address (more explanations about this maybe another day?) I get a nice working console!

Now it’s time to load the virtual media and reboot. Then you get the usual splash screen, with the options “Install” and “Test this media and Install”, well known by all good linux user. If you want to skip the graphic install you can do it by pressing Tab (as suggested) and adding to the command line “text“.  With graphics, once you choose the language and keyboard, the initial options look like in this picture: install-select

But the picture is just for your orientation. I do the install on text mode, since I’m afraid of loosing the graphics. Don’t worry, the end is near. For the system, I select the local HD, and “standard partitions” (LVM is selected by default). Historically we make 3 partitions, “/boot”, “/ ” and “swap”. I leave anaconda to make them, and start the installation procedure. It seems to go smooth until the end. But it doesn’t seem to finish. What’s going on? I wait a little but more… and then…


BOOM! Pane is dead. Fortunately, reinstalling it with graphic options seem to fix the problem. But Pane is dead! Nothing will change that  🙂

POST-MORTEM: Pane died because we selected text mode and standard partitions, and anaconda didn’t know how to make them. I think. If I use similar options on a kickstart, it works 🙂


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