The girl

She was obviously unaware of my presence. Her clothes were neatly folded over a stone, far from the water. I was not able to distinguish if her yukata was generic or one of the ones provided to the visitors, like mine. Her head was in my direction, her feet were pointing to the shore, nails polished in a clean blue. I can’t see her eyes clearly. The water was barely reaching her ankles. I looked at her breasts. They were round, not big, neither small, standing defiant like cupolas. What a cliche, I thought. But I was petrified by the view. Suddenly, something splashed in the water. A carp, or another decorative fish. She them moves slightly to her right, as looking for the source of the sound, and realises my presence.

-Hello stranger- she says. I don’t answer. Slowly, she incorporates, and have a deep look on me. Her breast are still firm and gorgeous. But I feel like I’m more naked than her. She seems to ignore the police colors, and, as if it was the more natural gesture in the world, she rotates standing on her tiptoes, on a gracious way, until giving me her back, do a complete bow, so I can only see her butt, and pick up something from the ground. The yukata. Then she dresses. I keep observing. – How can I help you, agent?


About bitsanddragons

A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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