Adding nodes to slurm

If you ever asked yourself if your jobs are stopped when you add a new node to SLURM, I have the answer. NO, your jobs are not. This is how I did id.

  1. Be sure that on the new nodes (here node109, node110) have the same id for munge and slurm users(id munge, id slurm)
  2. Be sure you can munge and remunge from the login node to the new nodes (simply do munge -n | ssh node110 unmunge )
  3. Add the nodes to the slurm.conf on the login node
  4. Update the slurm.conf everywhere (for i in list_of_nodes, etc will do it)
  5. Restart the slurm daemon  everywhere (for in in list_of_nodes; do ssh $i systemctl restart slurmd.service; done)
  6. Restart the slurm controler daemon on the login node  (systemctl restart slurmctld.service)
  7. Check that the nodes are visible for an user (sinfo -lN) and that you can submit a job to them

Happy slurming !!! (???)


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