The echelon was not the reason that brought me to the cave. I moved down the volume of my glasses but I kept them on, in case some of the meta-info displayed floating around was really helpful. The place was relatively dark, so the power to call some holograms could help to find the way out. Where the hell was the Golden Rabbit? I obviously asked my glasses before, and my glasses answered what you expect when you ask for something not registered, or registered but systematically and carefully removed. I decided to try on the opposite wall. There was a kind of roundabout around the echelon, surrounded by a small natural wall (a crater wall?) with exits also to my left and to my right, as pointed by my glasses. My sense of orientation was telling me that to the right, more or less, were the Lower Lands, were it was easy to get something to drink, it doesn’t matter what you were looking for. I was thirsty after the walk from the centre, so I chose that direction. In addition, it was logical to think that, if the exit of the cave was indeed connecting with the Lower Lands,  the chances to find a pub were higher on that direction than to my left. An in a pub, more people could maybe give me directions. On the other hand, drunken people mean problems, here and everywhere.

I sighed, looking again to the echelon, and started walking down the path.


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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