The echelon

I put down again my glasses. “This is the echelon” the voice said.” It was found by the first explorers of the caves, more than a century ago. Sorry, you can’t come closer, we don’t know yet if it’s safe”. I walked back the path. And they will not know only by looking passively to it. “Some people claim it’s an alien artifact, but the official definition is ‘crystaline meteoric object of unknown origin’. As you can appreciate, it looks like the half of it is still under the cave ground, while the upper tip just touches the ceiling. That’s why, from this distance, it resembles a black, conical tower. What astonished more the first explorers, apart from the odd resemblance, is the lack of any entrance hole, like if the whole thing (estimated 2 km in length) was teleported there. ” I looked to the ceiling. The cusp of the object was well illuminated by powerful lights. The top of our chamber appeared indeed not wounded at all. ” So how it arrived here? The accepted explanation is simpler than what you think: it was there when the cave was formed. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to confirm this theory, since the usual dating techniques refused to work for the echelon.”


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