M630 BIOS PXE boot

NIC-configExtraordinarily, I will post twice today. After a few trials-and-errors, we got the right BIOS setting to PXE boot our M630 nodes. Here it is, for the posterity. First, F2 to go to System Setup. Then, on System BIOS:

System Bios
Processor settings --> Logical processing --> Disabled
Processor settings --> Virtualization Technology --> Disabled
Boot Settings --> Boot Mode --> BIOS
Boot Settings --> Bios Boot Settings --> Boot Sequence --> 
- disable all except Integrated NIC Port 1 Partition 1
- change Boot sequence to show in first place 
Integrated NIC Port 1 Partition 1

Device Settings:
Integrated NIC 1 "something" -->  NIC configuration 
--> Legacy Boot Protocol -->PXE

You can select additional NICs for  PXE boot also. On this way, all our nodes booted, ignoring the default infiniband PXE booting system provided by DELL. Total booting time: 10 minutes



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