Dragon one, bit one

Yesterday I tested Pokemon Go. I installed it long time ago (a little after its release) but I was reluctant to activate location on my Handy, and to accept its terms of service, so I waited until being back to WX. My son was fascinated, and he easily joined on a hunt outside, despite of his historical reluctance to go out. We walked around for half an hour, and he captured 5 Pokemon in the meantime. After coming back home, he didn’t stop asking for Pokemon the whole day. He was so persistent that, at the end, I dreamed about. So my first dragon happen to be…a Pokemon dragon. Also it’s a bit, a little.

But the real bit is the task of today. I plan to install, using cobbler, 8 nodes. It will be challenging, since last time I used cobbler it was like two months ago, and, unfortunately, things are rather dynamic in my workplace.


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