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The echelon was not the reason that brought me to the cave. I moved down the volume of my glasses but I kept them on, in case some of the meta-info displayed floating around was really helpful. The place was … Continue reading

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GPU fever

I have 10 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB that I need to distribute around my servers. The more we have in one machine, the better. The problem I have now is weird: for some reason, the motherboard of some of … Continue reading

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The island

The bamboo bridge was looking so fragile that I was afraid of stepping over. My boss, a small Japanese man, was walking confidently, with soft naked steps, through his bridge to the right, without looking back. After a moment of … Continue reading

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Connectivity problems

Sometimes life sucks. I went over my handy data plan, therefore I’m not anymore able to update from the mobile phone. In addition, our internet provider (or is it our router?) is starting to fail like hell. I think it … Continue reading

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Slurm and relion usage

So all in our cluster with slurm queuing system seems to be up and running. What’s the user experience? On our job script, we need to take care of a few VIP parameters: #SBATCH –nodes=2 #SBATCH –ntasks=40 #SBATCH –ntasks-per-node=40 #SBATCH … Continue reading

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The echelon

I put down again my glasses. “This is the echelon” the voice said.” It was found by the first explorers of the caves, more than a century ago. Sorry, you can’t come closer, we don’t know yet if it’s safe”. … Continue reading

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Slurm node state control

Here’s the thing. You reboot the cluster and everything looks fine, but your nodes are DOWN.  sinfo shows something like this: root@beta ~ ## > sinfo PARTITION AVAIL TIMELIMIT NODES STATE NODELIST debug* up infinite 1 idle bbeta debug* up … Continue reading

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